Local Pantheon

These pages are dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses that I feel are linked in some way to the Ashfield/Mansfield area and the surrounding landscape.

The deities on this list have not been simply guessed at, but have been arrived at through an exploration of the local landscape, history and mythology, drawing in sources from other locations where appropriate.

Before the invasion of the Romans in AD 43, the people of this area spoke a form of Brythonic closely related to the Welsh language as it exists today. There is also evidence in local place names to to suggest a group of Goidelic speakers living in this area, even before the Brythonic speakers who the Romans encountered. It is therefore acceptable to look to Welsh, Irish and Scottish language mythology and culture to help bring context to what we see preserved in this locality. I choose not to include the Norse tradition in my work, because although closely related to our native British paganism, it is not “of this land”, and much of my work is to do with re-discovering the spirit of the land in which I live.

Each deity has a dedicated page detailing their links to the local landscape, and exploring the the deity in a little more detail.